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Ten Easy Steps to Easy Packing before Moving
Published on Saturday, 12 December 2009

Ten Easy Steps to Easy Packing before Moving
The hardest part to moving to a new house or a new apartment is packing all your items and things properly and securely. Most of the time, in the rush of moving day, a lot of things get damaged or left behind. Don't let the chaos of packing get to you. Follow these simple tips for hassle-free moving.

1. Plan ahead. Don't pack the day before you move-you won't have time to be able to fix everything and get all your items ready. Start preparing at least two months in advance.

2. Make a list and check it twice. List down all the furniture and items you plan to bring with you, and those you wish to discard or sell.

3. Don't be a packrat. Moving is the best time to get rid of everything you don't need. Don't hold on to old clothes you don't use just for sentimental reasons-give them to charity or hold a yard sale to help pay for your moving expenses.

4. Invest in good, sturdy boxes and packing materials. Don't buy cheap boxes or materials that can break or fall apart easily. You don't want to settle in your new home only to find out that all your furniture and appliances are broken. Wrap your furniture well and pad them with packing paper or bubble wrap. Do the same with your appliances as well.

5. Label everything. Keep similar small items in bags and label them accordingly. It's also good to keep all books and magasines in one box, clothes in another and so on, and label each box with easy-to-read handwriting. You wouldn't want to have to open each and every box just to look for your toaster when you arrive in your new home.

6. Pack smart. Always put heavier things at the bottom and lighter things on top when packing. You can even use the drawers of furniture to hold small items.

7. Keep important documents with you. Never pack your birth certificates, car insurance papers and other important documents in a box with the rest of your items. Keep them organised in a folder and carry them with you during your trip.

8. Set aside the essentials. Pack all the items you will need right away (a change of clothes, toiletries, etc) when you get to your new home in a separate box so you only have to open one box once you get to your destination.

9. Make packing fun. Packing need not be tiresome if you inject a little fun in it. Include your children and try to create fun games whilst you pack. You can even try to reminisce about certain old objects or items.

10. Seal boxes carefully. Make sure that all the boxes are packed tightly and properly before you seal them. Also be sure that you seal each and every box tightly-sometimes, boxes that aren't properly sealed open during transportation and can cause damage to your items.

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